Civil engineering company Jacobs to recruit 600 new workers in UK and Ireland

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The American civil engineering company Jacobs (NYSE: J) will recruit hundreds of new employees in the United Kingdom to “boost” the energy transition.

The New York-listed company aims to promote renewable energy solutions, including the use of hydrogen and nuclear energy.

Jacobs is currently assisting the renewable energy company RWE in a feasibility study on the production of green hydrogen.

It also supports existing nuclear power stations, including Hinkley Point C.

To continue his work, Jacobs plans to hire 600 people for full-time and part-time positions in the UK and Ireland.

A range of roles must be fulfilled, including strategic consulting, all engineering disciplines and project delivery and program management.

Jacobs recently outlined its plans to tackle climate change with its 2022 to 2024 corporate strategy.

The company is committed to placing greater emphasis on providing integrated solutions for energy transition, decarbonization, adaptation and resilience, and natural resource management.

Karen Wiemelt, Jacobs Energy’s Senior Vice President, Security & Technology, said, “We are hiring in the energy sector as well as people with experience in national critical infrastructure, aerospace, transportation, water, environment, information technology and manufacturing.

“Climate response and energy security is a key national priority for the UK and we have many fantastic opportunities for people to join us and help create a smarter, more connected and more sustainable world.”

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