Civil engineering professor named educator of the year

Byungik Chang, Ph.D., PE, MBA was recognized by the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers for his commitment to student success, his dedication to civil engineering, and his ability to inspire future leaders in the field.

October 7, 2020

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Dr. Chang took students to his senior bowling class in early 2017.

Byungik Chang, Ph.D., PE, MBA believes that in addition to being well informed, educators should be patient, compassionate and engaged. These are all qualities that he strives to embody in and out of the classroom.

This dedication to his students led Dr. Chang to be named the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers’ Educator of the year. He also received an award for excellence in civil engineering from the organization.

Image by Dr Chang.
Byungik Chang, Ph.D., PE, MBA

“I was thrilled when I saw my name on the list of recipients,” said Dr. Chang, associate professor of civil engineering and chair of the university’s department of civil and environmental engineering. “I am very proud to be a professor at the University of New Haven.”

The CSCE praised Mr. Chang’s hard work and dedication to civil engineering, applauding his commitment to the success of his students and the growth of the University’s civil and environmental engineering department. The organization also praised his contributions to his community and the state of Connecticut, as well as his ability to inspire students to become the leaders of the future.

“Dr. Chang’s contributions to everyone and everything in his community and state made him flourish among other academics,” the organization wrote.

The award recipients are usually honored at a ceremony each year. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the new winners will be recognized at next year’s ACE Awards dinner.

“My teaching philosophy is to put myself in my students’ shoes.”Byungik Chang, Ph.D., PE, MBA

“My teaching philosophy is to put myself in my students’ shoes,” said Dr. Chang, a member of the peer-reviewed journal editorial board. Renewable energy and Durability. “I always teach my students based on my own experiences. I still look at my grades, exams, and homework from when I was a student to better understand my own learning process.

In addition to teaching four courses this semester, Dr. Chang, who earned his doctorate. in civil engineering at State of Iowa, is conducting research with two graduate students, focusing on the analysis of wind turbine erection and the design of cut concrete abutments for safety.

As an educator, Dr. Chang strives to bring his passion for engineering into the classroom and to be available to students outside of the classroom. His students recognized his enthusiasm, accessibility and responsiveness.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is when alumni contact me after I get a job,” he said. “I want my students to have confidence that they will make a meaningful contribution to society after graduation.”