“I left civil engineering to become a DJ because my heart was in line with music”

I graduated in civil engineering from Bangalore. My journey began when I was 17. Music has always been one of my most important interests. It kept me going, and I wrote lyrics and rap because that was the only thing that kept me going. I wanted to create my job and turn professional, but I didn’t have the courage to do it because my parents were strict and had government jobs.

I created my first piece in 2015. I posted a clip on my social media profile; people were wondering what I was doing with my life because I was studying B.Tech, and no one expected that from me. Everyone was shocked because I never spoke or shared my interest with anyone because I wasn’t trying to prove myself. My actions come from a place of self-gratification. Initially, no one really cared about my content and my video, but one of my mashups went viral and then people started coming to me with their opinions, dos and don’ts. for my content and my music. People also commented that I put on music content to get attention and points of view and show my talent. Nonetheless, I was convinced that they recognized my talent, and if I had it, why wouldn’t I flaunt it.

Used to earn only Rs 100 per day

As I was good at studying, I also got several scholarships. One fine day I went out to apply to a top music institute. I tried everywhere and couldn’t get in as the fees for each were very high. The process was extremely difficult, and a few days later a representative from one of the institutes called me and told me that they also had a scholarship program. I’ll have to request it. I sent them everything I had, including my lyrics and recordings, and received a letter informing me that I was selected for the scholarship a few days later. Although my journey as a DJ started there, my struggles were still not over. In 2015, I did my first show in Bangalore for 100 per day for six months; then, I was offered a permanent resident DJ at 12,000 per month for a year.

I had a hard time convincing my parents that I had to pursue a career in music. To make their dream come true, I was determined to first complete my engineering and at the same time hone my skills.

My passion made me quit my job, but no one supported my decision. Most people underestimated me. Several members of my family often told my parents that their child was wasting his time. I am fortunate to be where I am. In the United Arab Emirates, I was the second finalist in a DJ competition. I had played with big names on an international tour. Plus, I’ve been named one of the top four music producers in 2020. I’ve come a long way in just over seven years. One of the mashups I created in September 2021 garnered a lot of attention from top composers, artists, and audiences.

My mother is my inspiration

My mother inspired me the most. She has been working since the age of 18, and at the time, she earned barely 300 yen a month to take care of the whole family. When my dad was unemployed, she took care of all of our needs without a single complaint. She raised us with the greatest positive attitude, and me and my sister, I have immense respect for her, and she is the one who keeps us all going.

There are very few influencer DJs, not all of them impacting people, and no member of the audience has access to their music. My goal is to introduce a new genre to the influencer market and bring something new to our audience. Also, I plan to incorporate some regional music into some Indian stuff and some whole new kinds of music and mashups that will grab the attention of my listeners. Either way, I think shorts are the way to go, and on top of that, music is something that I think keeps us all motivated because it conveys emotions.

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