IIT Jodhpur offers BTech program in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur offers a unique BTech program in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure. The Civil and Infrastructure program will introduce students to a wide variety of advanced civil engineering fields such as infrastructure planning and design, good knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning, intelligent materials and sensors, and infrastructure security against physical and digital threats. .

With this one-of-a-kind civil engineering program, IIT Jodhpur plans to create a new class of engineers who have:

  • A solid foundation in analytical, experimental and computational methods to study various aspects of civil and infrastructure systems

  • A deep understanding of green and sustainable materials, practices and principles for designing resilient infrastructure systems

  • An ability to understand real-world issues related to air and water pollution, solid waste management, ecological and environmental degradation, and their monitoring and remediation

  • An ability to monitor and assess the health of old structures and to renovate to provide sustainability

  • An ability to use transformative technologies and multidisciplinary knowledge in the planning, design, execution and ongoing monitoring of infrastructure

A bachelor’s degree in civil and infrastructure engineering will open up several career paths not only in conventional fields but also in interdisciplinary fields.

Notable mentions include the engineering of smart and sustainable infrastructure (energy, environment, transport, etc.), digital twins and asset management, and the application of AI and ML, IoT and cyber-physical systems in the integrated infrastructure, among others.

Basic and elective courses at IIT Jodhpur

Unlike traditional civil engineering programs offered by other institutes of higher education, IIT Jodhpur offers a set of core and elective courses.

These courses allow students to obtain a specialization in “Intelligent Infrastructure” or “Environmental Engineering” in addition to the regular BTech.

Speaking of the uniqueness of this program, Dr Ranju Mohan, Head of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Department, IIT Jodhpur, said: “Unlike the manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries, civil and infrastructure industries have been slow to embrace digital and transformative technologies. “

“The application of artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems and digital twins will reduce costs and time, streamline construction and reduce waste,” he said.

Here is what he said about the structure of the course:

“We are creating next-generation civil engineers who can meet the needs of society from a multidisciplinary perspective, which is exactly what today’s industry needs,” added Dr. Ranju Mohan.

IIT Jodhpur Civil and Infrastructure Program

With a vision to meet future needs, the Civil and Infrastructure program at IIT Jodhpur includes unique courses involving the digital twin and asset management, design and simulation.

The program also offers new courses related to large-scale integrated infrastructure such as telecommunications and IT, renewable and non-renewable energy, railway, airport and port design.

Unlike the conventional Civil Engineering program, this unique program at IIT Jodhpur focuses on engineering design, product development, intellectual property training, and entrepreneurship.

The Institute encourages its students to undertake multidisciplinary projects in smart infrastructure and sustainable development with this program.

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