Infrastructure Engineering Inc. appoints Kashif Khan, PE as President

“I am honored, touched and excited by the opportunity to serve as President of IEI,” commented Mr. Khan. “IEI is a goal-oriented civil engineering company poised for continued growth. We have an unprecedented diverse workforce of over 100 staff who are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and creating value for all of our stakeholders. This transition would not have been possible without the hard work of our team, the partnerships we have with our clients and the leadership of Michel sutton. I have worked alongside Michael for over 15 years and I personally understand how important his contributions have been. His dedicated leadership of the company and the passion with which he lives the values ​​of IEI are an example to all of us. I am delighted that Michael continues to be part of IEI to continue to guide the firm during these exciting times in our industry and look forward to working with him on the firm’s strategic initiatives. “

“Leading IEI and its employees since the founding of the company has been an absolute honor and privilege,” said Mr. Sutton. “I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished in creating and then transforming ourselves into the strong company that we are today. Despite this, we still have a long way to go. Building on our strong foundation, IEI has a bright future with strong growth opportunities, and no one is better positioned to lead us into that future than Kashif khan. Kashif has been a true partner in everything we have accomplished. He is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients and is committed to defending the values ​​that anchor our firm. I couldn’t trust Kashif more and look forward to continuing to work with him as CEO. “

Since joining IEI in 2006, Mr. Khan, PE has held key leadership positions, with project delivery, sales and business operations. He was instrumental in launching the IEI Indianapolis office and helped transform the location into a focused and profitable cost center. In 2011, Mr. Khan became a shareholder and director of the company. As Executive Vice President, he oversaw the delivery of the company’s projects with a focus on improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. As President, Mr. Khan oversees all key functional areas of the company and will manage day-to-day operational matters. He brings to this position a great deal of technical and managerial experience accompanied by a strong conviction in corporate responsibility. Mr. Khan obtained his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from New York City University, Grove School of Engineering and obtained his Masters of Business Administration from Indianapolis University. He regularly volunteers for various professional and community organizations.

About Infrastructure Engineering, Inc .:
Infrastructure Engineering, Inc. (IEI) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on providing design engineering, program management, construction engineering and inspection services. IEI cultivates various types of engineering projects from conception and planning to implementation. The company’s goal is to create the sustainable infrastructure necessary to build and connect communities, improve quality of life and encourage economic development. IEI is a DBE / MBE certified company. Visit the IEI website at for more information.

SOURCE Infrastructures Engineering Inc.

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