Mechanical engineering plays a key role in the water purification process

Water purification

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Mechanical engineering plays a key role in the water purification process

CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur Working with the objective of linking science to society: Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani

Calcutta, March 3, 2021

CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur has rendered a first-rate service to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and has developed a number of innovative technologies to mitigate the risks of ordinary people, said Professor (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director , CSIR-CMERI today by addressing a webinar on “Water purification technology for MSMEs” hosted by the Southern Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI), Surat.

The intelligent dimmable LED street and parking lighting system, etc. installed in the residential campus of the Institute has already transformed the premise into “Eco Campus”. Speaking about water purification technologies, Professor (Dr.) Hirani pointed out that mechanical engineering plays a key role in the water purification process and the Institute is working with the aim of linking science with the society. Gujrat has been observed to be affected by groundwater contamination, whether it is salinity, fluoride, nitrate, arsenic or iron. Reference was made to the concept of Zero Liquid Discharge introduced at the CSIR-CMERI Colony which purifies domestic wastewater used daily and is reused for irrigation purposes for vegetation. This system can be used effectively not only to get rid of water scarcity, but also for self-reliance, reiterated Professor (Dr.) Hirani.

The Director of CSIR-CMERI gave a detailed presentation on the water technologies developed by CSIR-CMERI and how they have had a positive impact on the lives of people across the country. The Iron, Arsenic, Fluoride technologies at community, medium and domestic scales were presented to Start-Ups and MPEs. Professor Hirani also highlighted the magic of science when the three purification technologies are unified in a single system, namely FAIR technology; it considerably reduces the purification cost per liter. The mechanized drainage cleaning system developed by CSIR-CMERI can help contain the spread of contaminated water by eliminating drainage choking and treating wastewater through a decentralized mobile water purification system. It can also help with flooding issues in major cities across the country.

Shri PN Solanki, Director Dy, MSME-DI congratulated SGCCI for hosting this webinar and ensured their cooperation to bridge the gap between MSME, CSIR-CMERI and industries particularly related to textiles, chemicals, aquaculture, printing, etc. who are facing the water problem. He also suggested that SGCCI sign a memorandum of understanding with CSIR-CMERI to move forward with a coordinated approach to work more in this regard for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

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