Real-time angle measurement for mechanical engineering applications

TRIOPTICS presents a real-time solution for angle measurement using electronic stickers in automated production environments.

The TriAngle series electronic stickers are optical measuring instruments for high precision, non-contact angle measurements on optical or mechanical parts. They are ideally suited for measurement and alignment applications in the mechanical engineering industry as well as in optical manufacturing. Modern manufacturing processes increasingly involve a high degree of automation, requiring real-time communication between networked machines and process modules while ensuring high availability. Throughput, accuracy and reliability are essential requirements for the systems involved.

To meet this demand, TRIOPTICS has developed a real-time package for its TriAngle sticker which can be easily integrated into existing production and measurement processes. Wherever angle measurement data needs to be obtained and processed in an automated production environment, the TriAngle sticker with the real-time package provides the ability to accurately record data using optical measurement technology. contactless and transmit them to the host computer in 20 ms.

To ensure extremely reliable functionality with continuous availability 24/7, the TriAngle measurement sensor is integrated into a real-time environment. Other operating system functions such as user interface and file system are performed as subordinate priorities. The hardware and software unit is addressed via a serial interface, which also transmits the angle measurement data for two axial directions.

In summary, the real-time package of the TriAngle series allows easy integration into the production or measurement process and is distinguished by its extremely high availability, robustness and reliability. The high measurement resolution and accuracy of the TriAngle self-imitators known to laboratory and quality assurance applications are now also available for demanding process and control tasks in plant and control engineering systems as well as for automated manufacturing processes.

TRIOPTICS GmbH is a company with a worldwide presence. Based in Germany, it has subsidiaries in the United States, France, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. TRIOPTICS products are sold through distributors in UK, Russia, Turkey, Israel, India and Vietnam.

TRIOPTICS offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of optical measurement, inspection and manufacturing technologies for development, quality control and production. Our expertise ranges from the inspection of individual optical components to the assembly and testing of complex camera systems. TRIOPTICS products are used in all industries involved in the manufacture, inspection and application of optical assemblies. These include the optical, automotive (ADAS), mobile telephony and VR / AR applications sectors as well as the medical optics and aerospace sectors.

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