SUN Hui, Mechanical Engineering Expert, Attended China Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Development Forum 2021

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – November 11, 2021) – Recently, the 2021 China Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Development Forum organized by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Information was held in Wuhan. Over 150 people from relevant department heads, experts, academics, business representatives and industry elites in the field of mechanical engineering attended the forum. At the forum, executives, experts, academics, business representatives and industry elites conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on how mechanical engineering companies can achieve industrial upgrades intelligent in the new situation, and jointly attended the holding of this mechanical engineering industry event. SUN Hui, a famous mechanical engineering expert in China, also attended this forum as a special guest and accepted an interview.

“As a driving force for all industrial development, mechanical engineering has caught the country’s attention. The latest 14th Five-Year Plan lists the insistence on an innovation-driven development strategy as the second part, right after the general guiding ideology and development goals and ranks first in all areas of planning. This reflects the importance that China attaches to the machinery industry. At the beginning of the interview, SUN Hui directly pointed out the great importance of the machinery industry in China. Over the years, SUN Hui has occupied his most familiar position. Based on his own functions, he has courageously explored and innovated, developed a series of advanced technological achievements with solid foundation and a spirit of hard work, and interpreted the ideal of serving industry and society with wisdom and sweat.

As an outstanding talent in the field of mechanical engineering in China, SUN Hui has independently developed a number of technological achievements in recent years which focus on key and difficult problems in the field of engineering. mechanics, including “Design platform for complex mechanical system diagram based on robust performance V1.0″, “System for optimizing the efficiency of automated assembly line operation based on learning by depth V1.0 “,” Machine processing equipment production status monitoring system based on Cloud V1.0 system “, etc. These technological achievements have almost reached the whole process in the field of mechanical engineering, including mechanical design, automatic operation, equipment monitoring, etc., which not only effectively solved many problems key and tough industry, but also created hundreds of millions of economic benefits for dozens of companies and engineering projects such as Saint-Gobain Pipelines Co., Ltd., “South-to-North Water Transfer Project “in China, etc.”

WANG Decheng, President of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., praised SUN Hui, “Mechanical engineering is the cornerstone of a country’s modern economic system. As a leader of this fundamental industry, SUN Hui has raised the technical level of the mechanical engineering industry in China to a new high through its hard work, which is worth learning for all of us in the ‘mechanical engineering industry! “

In addition to a series of technological achievements, SUN Hui has also made many achievements in patent research and development and obtained a number of utility model patents such as “Mortar Coating Coating Machine hydraulic cement for ductile iron pipe fittings “,” Metal mold for integral centrifugal casting of straight double-disc flanged pipes and “Centrifuge used for casting of straight double-disc flanged pipes and straight flanged pipes through “, which have played an extremely important role in promoting innovation of high-quality machinery and final equipment in the industry, and are also of great importance for the development of related application technology.

Speaking about the goal at this point, SUN Hui said, “Just like the consensus reached in this forum, in the post-epidemic era, mechanical engineering will develop in the direction of specialization, scale , intelligence and digitization. Various industries and companies are thinking about how to align with Industry 4.0, which is both a pressure and a mission. All we have to do is be ahead of others in the great changing times with intelligence and unremitting efforts! “No matter the past or the present, SUN Hui is actively following the trend of the times. and continuously improve its research strength.We believe that in the near future, it will continue to create its own legend in the field of mechanical engineering!

(Rapporteur: HUANG Yali)

China Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Development Forum 2021

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