Transcend raises 10 million euros to accelerate sustainable design in water and infrastructure engineering

As our climate crisis deepens, the world is grappling with aging sanitation systems and water treatment facilities that must meet increasingly stringent regulatory limits and adopt more sustainable treatment strategies. Many of the technologies needed to address these challenges already exist, but they are struggling to be adopted on a large scale due to inefficient procurement processes and the time and resource intensity of preliminary engineering. Transcend exists to remove these barriers and streamline preliminary engineering, transforming the way engineering companies, utilities and technology providers assess and design critical infrastructure.

“The water industry is full of new innovations, but the ability of these technologies to be integrated into feasibility studies and real projects is a major challenge. By using software to automate preliminary engineering, Transcend aims to rapidly change the way technology is specified and sold. in this industry. The time and money saved will be spent on the investment in the infrastructure itself, ”said Ari Raivetz, CEO of Transcend. “We are delighted to add three new investors who each have deep industry expertise and a passion for improving innovations in the water and environmental services sectors.

“Transcend was created out of a need for faster design builds. TDG offers tangible savings to customers and dramatically speeds up the design process. We are delighted to partner with Ari, Steve and the entire Transcend team then that their innovation is driving change in the global water infrastructure market, ”said John Haesler, Aspen Capital Group. “The Transcend team is creating a new category of software solutions that bridge the gap between engineering disciplines for improved design alternatives and increased hydraulic infrastructure opportunities.”

“At PureTerra, we have a database of over 1,000 water technologies from around the world to filter from. Transcend has been an easy investment decision,” said Alex crowell, partner at PureTerra Ventures. “Having personally spent over 25 years in the water industry, this type of technology is long overdue. Engineering firms traditionally choose what they did last or what they know by default. better. a variety of processing options in a fraction of the time. This translates into significant cost savings and the ability to expand in-house skills for the end user. We are delighted to be part of the team at Transcend, but even more excited about what TDG offers can do for the industry.

Transcend continues to expand its customer portfolio with global customers, including United Utilities and Black & Veatch. Transcend’s platform enables organizations to change their business processes and improve customer engagement, resulting in higher success rates and operational efficiency.

Transcend software automatically produces precise, comprehensive, innovative and sustainable preliminary engineering designs for EPC, AEC, water technology asset owners and OEMs.

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PureTerra is a venture capitalist focused on investing in disruptive water technologies with offices in Amsterdam, netherlands and Shanghai, China. The fund combines a strong entrepreneurial background, a proven track record in driving sales and an extensive network in the global water technology market. This creates a unique value proposition for the companies in our portfolio. PureTerra Ventures’ China office has access to the largest network of distributors, utilities, government departments, blue chip companies and other key players in the Asian water market. We leverage these networks to actively contribute to the business success of our portfolio companies. We are not only a financial investor, but a strategic partner in the global water market. Learn more about PureTerra by visiting the website or by contacting [email protected]

SOURCE Transcend Software, Inc.

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