Webinar: The Digital Transformation of Process Engineering – Features

October 28, The chemical engineer hosted a webinar to discuss the digital transformation of process engineering.

Engineers from all industries have been invited to join Aveva’s chemical engineers Roy Calder and Chloe Smith to discuss how the company’s process simulation tools enable better collaboration across the lifecycle. projects.

Aveva says digital transformation marks a major overhaul in the way organizations use technology, people and processes. While other engineering disciplines have embraced collaboration and agile workflows, process engineering is often stuck in siled workflows with a different software tool to answer each question.

Calder, who is senior director of technical solutions at Aveva, says: “The industry has changed dramatically since Covid-19. This means that people need to be more efficient and better integrated as a team.

“Basically what we’re delivering is the vision that simulation is a building block, one of the fundamental building blocks of the overall engineering lifecycle that you have on a project,” Calder explains. “The data you generate from a simulation needs to be used in other tools and disciplines in mechanics, civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation, and so on. So the vision we are moving towards is an integrated environment where all of these tools and individual individuals within the company can exchange this information and ensure that it is correct as they do their calculations and move on. next stage of the design.

Smith, who is a technical sales consultant at Aveva, and provided a demonstration of the software during the webinar, said, “The way the industry is changing, it is difficult to meet these new needs in old software, so the Aveva’s next-generation simulation platform is really focused on these new needs and provides all the building blocks that next-generation users need. It is much more intuitive to use; there are efficiencies and time spent completing projects and reusing models.

Calder adds, “We’ll be looking to share a very brief overview of where engineering is going in the future and how simulation will be fundamental to that. Obviously, this is going to fix a lot of the issues we see under Covid-19, including remote working and scanning. “

This event has now taken place. To watch a recording, visit: https://www.thechemicalengineer.com/cpd/webinars/the-digital-transformation-of-process-engineering-sponsored-by-aveva/

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