Woolpert Taps Water Practice Leader for Infrastructure, Engineering Support in Texas, West

Woolpert Practice Leader Rebecca Katzke

His understanding of the “one water” approach to wet asset management really leverages the interconnection of AEG technologies to help our customers.

Woolpert hired Rebecca Katzke, PE, PMP, CFM, ENV SP, as a senior partner and responsible for the water practice. Katzke is a civil and environmental engineering expert with nearly 20 years of experience leading large-scale infrastructure and water resources projects in the United States and abroad.

In her previous roles, Katzke provided technical leadership for hydraulics and hydrologic modeling, led business development and growth operations in accordance with the National Water Strategy, and led a diverse and broad team of water professionals. water resources in their transportation support, intermodal, federal, public and private customers from Louisiana to California.

At Woolpert, the Texas A&M graduate will use this experience to help guide the company’s clean water, stormwater, sustainability, and sanitary sewer design and monitoring efforts specific to Texas and western United States.

“The volume of technical and strategic support required for engineering and planning of water resources in this region of the country is currently immense and is expected to grow exponentially,” Katzke said. “Water resources engineering has become increasingly digitized and connected thanks to advances in 3D modeling and design, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies. This integration has enabled companies like Woolpert, which has expertise in several sectors, to identify synergies and incremental solutions to mitigate these challenges.

Woolpert Senior Vice President and Water Market Director Flint Holbrook said Katzke’s technical acumen, ability to help lead and foster strategic growth and industry connections will serve Woolpert well. and his family of companies. Katzke is a member of the Texas Flash Flood Coalition, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Association of State Floodplain Managers, Texas Association, and is a member of the Water Environment Federation, a member of the National Stormwater Management Committee, and watersheds.

“Rebecca’s exceptional and diverse skills will support our recent acquisition of CivilTech, a multidisciplinary water and transportation engineering company based in Texas, ”said Holbrook. “His understanding of the ‘one water’ approach to wet asset management really leverages the interconnection of AEG technologies to help our clients. This helps them develop and operate wet infrastructure asset management programs that improve service levels for more effective and efficient operations. Her ability to successfully manage people and projects makes her an invaluable asset to the staff, partners and clients of Woolpert and CivilTech.

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